The German Seaman's Mission has been established since 1888 in the Amsterdam Harbor. It has been based on the Keizersgracht since 1954.

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21 06 11This is what Santa Claus is doing through the summer!

The question of Santa Claus in the summer always concerned some people. Answers were available - they fill books.

We bring sailors to Christmas gifts and are therefore their "Santa Claus". And to us, every year at the beautiful summer time, the question arises: What will we do this year as a gift for seafarers who are Christmas on sea? They can not use phone cards there - so we need something different. We ask colleagues - look what others have done in previous years. Browse in catalogs. It is not easy to start planning christmas things with a summer cocktail. And quite honestly, the right thing has not crossed our mind yet. Do you have an idea?


21 06 03

Floral greetings on board

What can a single flower effect in a man? Much, as we have observed once again. As last year, before Easter, we brought a touch of the spring on board of the oil tankers. The sailors, no matter what nation, rejoiced every time. A kind of color between all the gray, steel walls, placed directly next to the TV, in the cargo control room or on the window sill.

Happy people alone because of a small flower in a pot. And that is why we decided to bring the spring on board next year again


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  Free rooms Oktober 2017:

  05.10.2017 - 06.10.2017
  Room 41

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  Room 41

  25.10.2017 - 26.10.2017
  Room 32

  01.11.2017 - 03.11.2017
  Room 22


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Sea Sunday 201721 06 07

"Our work is not worth anything to you"

"Our work is not worth anything to you" was the topic of the worship on March, 19 2017 in the German church in Amsterdam. Without the work of the seafarer our life is not possible - no car would drive, no mobile phone would be in our stores. A few cents more per product and their lives would be better: Fair wages and better social facilities (seaman's clubs or seaman's hotels) on land. It could be so simple.

Or they save human life. Quite naturally! They are at the right time in the right place in the Mediterranean Sea! Share what they have at accommodation and food until a safe port is reached. Did such a thing happen to us, our appreciation would be overwhelming.

The „Seasunday“ took up these thoughts. A world very close to ours.

21 06 09

As in the year before, the Shantymen "De Rotterdamse Scheepskakkerlakken" accompanied their Sea Shanty classics while the service and framed the following "church coffee".

The collection of the worship service was intended for two projects of the German Seamen's Mission: Internet newspapers in the languages of the sailors and the Easter floral greeting on board. It yielded Euro 189.50.


wc eg

New toilet on the ground floor

It was planned for a long time. When there was the financing there was no holding. We have renovated the toilet on the ground floor from scratch. Nothing has remained as it was. The intermediate door disappeared, the old tiles disappeared. Almost seven weeks the reconstruction lasted: old walls often contain unknown challenges to the craftsmen. So here too. The wall to the office had to be stabilized again. And instead of only dry construction, walls had to dry out before the next trades could take place.

Now behind the sliding door conceals a room with a new sink and toilet. For a nice decoration was still enough money.